What Does A Pregnant Woman Eat? – 26 weeks

Frosted Flakes, Banana & Milk

105Starbucks Chai Tea Latte

107Concord Grapes, Whole Wheat Toast w/ Extra Crunchy Skippy Peanut Butter, & Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese

109Left Over Chinese Food: Rice, Lemon Chicken, Cellophane Noodles w/ Vegtables

112Nature’s Own Cookies

115Banana & Nature Valley’s Trail Mix Bar (cranberry & pomegranate)

123Lemon Pepper Chicken, Yellow & White Corn w/ butter, & Potato Tots

130Breyer’s YoCrunch Cookies & Cream Yogurt

133Can of Pepsi

138Shredded Wheat, Sugar & Milk


Money Issues = Alienation

I don’t want to work after I have the baby for at least six months.

I don’t have a choice but to work soon after delivery. I am currently the only one making money and as limited as it is, we are surviving off of it. I can’t say we aren’t getting a check for my husband’s issues but it is small and he has his own bills to pay.

I was to go to RI this weekend but my mom blew that plan. I wanted to see everyone before I got too big to travel.  I was going to ask for an advance at work to pay for the trip.

I didn’t have my cell phone on last weekend and to my shock, I have eight text messages from my mom and three voice messages, asking me for money.  She needed $1,000. Of course, I wanted to react and help but I simply don’t have it. I haven’t even been able to buy anything for the baby, much less save money for when I go on leave.  I can’t help her.

This also means I can’t go to RI anymore because my mom will question why I have enough money to go to RI but not pay her. I have become alienated from my own family.

My former roommate is in a bind. She has to move out of her apartment and doesn’t want to pay me back the deposit.  I need the money.  She said she doesn’t have it.  I know she doesn’t.  I want my money.

My maternity leave at work just sucks. Who is ready to go back to work after have a baby in two days?  They don’t even want to pay for a cushion so I am not in constant pain from sitting all day. I hate it and resentful because chances are, I will have to go back to work month after delivery.

It’s not fair.

I am feeling stressed and pulled to thin right now.

I hate it!

HATE IT!!!!!


I have to start by saying, I am not a writer. Sometimes my words and sentences just don’t make any sense. I am a convict of improper grammar. Secretly, I am proud of it. My excuse to my pride, how is a language going to evolve if it only plays by rules? I am a rebel without a cause.

I am not new to blogging. I have had several blogs. They are usually private and only a few of my closest friends are allowed to read it. It’s not that I am a secret agent with much undisclosed information. I am very private. I don’t like people very much. Perhaps, I’ve been hurt so many times from so many people that I fear getting to know people on a personal level. I hope by opening this blog, I can alleviate some of that anxiety.

I am currently living in New York. I was born and raised in Providence, RI. My childhood was full of tears, fears and jeers, but somehow we managed to laugh and celebrate. I’ve been living in New York for the past five years. Prior to that, I lived in NJ. That’s a whole different story that one day I will get into.

I work in Conference Services. I sell and help organize corporate events. It’s a fun job. Each event is different and each customer is unique. I love putting the customer first. I like my job. Though, sometimes when we are slow, I have instant fears of failure.

I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. This is my first child. I am really excited. I wonder if there is a baby boom. Many people seem to be pregnant. I wonder sometimes if my pregnancy is trendy. Overall, there is nothing horrible happening. I am content with my life. Ask me tomorrow and that might change.