Five Reiki Principles

Five Reiki Principles

For Today:

I – I will not be angry. Letting go of anger. brings Piece into the Mind.

II – I will not worry. Letting go of worry, brings healing into the Body.

III – I will be grateful. Being thankful brings Joy into the Spirit.

IV – I will do my work honestly. Working Honestly brings Abundance into the Soul.

V- I will be kind to every living thing. Being Kind brings Love into the Will.


How do cats entertain themselves?

We get a lot strange things perching on our air-conditioner. One item is this random plant that decide it was a good place to grow.


Sam is always looking out the window. I don’t know what he is thinking, but I bet it has something to do with capturing a bird or a squirrel.


Angie can’t jump up onto the window seat.  She usually takes this time to get pet by one of us. Otherwise, Sam will not let her on the bed.


They both love to look-up in the sky and watch bird fly by. They can sit in this position for hours at a time…just watching….just dreaming….


Today, there are two pigeons sitting and watching the courtyard. Angie and Sam wants to get them. They watch them with such intensity.


However, the birds are not scared. They have a window’s glass to protect them.

008All Sam and Angie can do is to look and hope that one day the birds will be daring enough to come inside the house.